Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why travel by bus?
    A.Buses are safe, in fact, twice as safe as flying and 46 times safer than driving an automobile.  They are the most fuel efficient and better for the environment. They also deliver you right to the doorstep of your destination
  2. .Q. Are the buses WIFI equipped?
    A. Yes, some of our coaches are now equipped with WIFI with limited data usage.  Additional data plan options are available at users cost.
  3. Q. Are the buses air conditioned?
    A. Yes, all our buses have air conditioning.
  4. Q. Can you have liquor on board?
    A. The Province of Alberta requires those who charter a bus who wish to have alcohol on board to purchase a liquor licence from a liquor store and to show that certificate to the driver prior to departure.  Your liquor permit is issued by Albert Liquor Control Board and is therefore valid only for consumption while travelling in Alberta.  To make application one must first produce a letter from Jelloun Travel Ltd. A damage deposit is required by credit card (Visa/MasterCard) 1 week prior to departure.
  5. What are the driver's hours of service parameters?
    A. All our drivers must abide by the Department of Transportation regulations.  They must keep an updated log book which can be inspected by a D.O.T. official or RCMP at any time to ensure compliance.  The maximum driving time is 13 hours.  The maximum shift length (hours of service) is 14 hours.  Minimum off-duty time per day is 10 hours with a minimum time between shifts (core rest period) of 8 hours. Mandatory day off after 14 days of continuous service.  Additional rules apply for travel in USA.
  6. Q. On overnight trips, who pays for the driver's room?
    A. Customers are responsible for the driver's lodging (private room).  Many groups also budget for the driver's meals and invite him to join them.
  7. Q. What are examples of other fees we might face on a trip?
    A. Customers are responsible for parking fees, ferry fees, park entrance fees, and admission fees depending on the type of trip being experienced.  Optional and very much appreciated is a gratuity (not included in charter quote) to the driver.
  8. Q. What is the Canadian Guideline regarding driver gratuity?
    A. Gratuities should be presented for exceptional service as determined by those receiving the service. In the bus transportation industry, the guideline can be based on $50.00 to $100.00 per day.  Remember, your driver carries a great responsibility  ..... your safety.Q. How far in advance should I make a reservation?
    A. We recommend booking as early as possible. A last minute booking may lead to disappointment but we will endeavour to solve your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible based on bus and driver availability.

    Q. How do I contact you after business hours?
    A. We are at your service 24/7  Normal business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, after hours please call  Jason at 403-354-0824

    Q. How is a charter trip priced?

    A. It depends on the length and distance of the trip and what size motorcoach best suits your needs.  Each charter is priced individually so call us or email us and we will provide you with a quote.